Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Story of an Autistic Elf

    This is the story of our Autistic Elf. Of course, she's not Autistic but since she now belongs to an Autistic boy, her story and journey with our family, is much different than that of a "typical" elf. I'm sharing because yesterday on IG I was explaining the story of our Elf, on the EotS account. Many parents reached out to me to learn more, and then for some reason EotS deleted my comments. Since so many were interested in Tinsel's story, I thought this would be the perfect platform to share her journey with all of you.

     Hi! My name is Tinsel TrudyJohn! You can call me TTJ, but many of my elf friends just call me the Autistic Elf. I'm a scout elf, but I'm not your "typical" scout elf. I was adopted by the Legion family in 2013. Liam actually picked me out in the store because he wanted to choose his new friend. When he got me home and opened me up, he held me while Mommy read him my story. She went on to explain that once I had my magic, he could NEVER touch me. She also told him that after Christmas, I would fly back to the North Pole until the next holiday season.

    This made my boy super sad. He cried. A LOT! He wouldn't put me down for fear that when I got my magic, he could never play with me again. My boy has very bad anxiety and I was causing him more stress than joy. I felt awful!

     That night, once he was asleep, another scout elf came to bring me my magic. I immediately flew back to the North Pole. I insisted on seeing Santa Claus immediately, as my mission was of the utmost importance! He met me at once, and over hot cocoa and cookies, I explained my dilemma. Of course, Santa knew all about my special boy. He explained that such a special child, required a special elf. Santa told me that my boy chose me specifically, even if he didn't realize it. He said I would not be a typical elf, because I was now the elf of an Autistic child. The big guy knew just what to do! He said he would give me special magic so that my boy could hold me and play with me. He also said that I could stay with my new family, year round! On Christmas Eve, when he delivers Liam's gifts, he would take my magic back to the North Pole. Then, next year around Thanksgiving, he will send a Scout Elf back to me, with my magic, and I must fly straight to the North Pole so he can give me back my SPECIAL magic.

      This is how it works for me, and has since 2013. I know my journey is quite different than that of my other Scout Elf friends. I tell them all about my boy every chance I get, because I know how important my journey, and our story is. So you see, I'm not Autistic, but my boy is, and so I am the Autistic Elf, and that's what they call me at the North Pole. My new mother even made me a very special, Autism Awareness, so I can spread the word wherever I go! I love my boy and I wouldn't trade my job for anything in the world. Although, he needs to sleep more because some nights he doesn't leave me much time to fly back and report to the big man!

      Below are some pictures of my Elfcapades with my boy. Much like my boy, I'm very spunky, and I love to have fun!

Elves need Sensory Input too!

We like markers! And mustaches!

Just hangin' around!


I love to take sELFies!