Thursday, May 31, 2018

Spice Up Your Summer with Domezan Karaoke Microphone

    Summer is (unofficially) here. That means parties, cookouts, barbecues, and more. Spice up your summer with Domezan's Karaoke Microphone. It's portable fun for for everyone!

Spice Up Your Summer with Domezan Karaoke Microphone

    My kids have always loved the karaoke video games. My family enjoys them as well, however, it gets cumbersome having to take game systems and tv's to family gatherings. Well, since we got Domezan's Karaoke Microphone, we no longer have to lug along the fun!

    This wireless microphone comes in it's own carrying case for ease of storage and travel. It connects via phones or tablets via Bluetooth tech. The speaker then wirelessly plays any music you want to sing along with. Or you can use up to a thirty-two gig micro SD card, and insert it right into your microphone to play your music.

Controls Right on the Microphone

    The controls for the microphone are on the square part of the speaker. You can adjust the echo, the volume of the music, and skip and reverse through your music. I love the music volume feature, because my son can turn down the song, so that I can hear him singing better. You can also adjust the bass, reverb, and treble too. 

Party Lights

    The Domezan Karaoke Microphone features really cool party lights. The glowing LED display adds fun to your karaoke singing.

Four to Six Hours on Full Charge

    This microphone has an internal Samsung 18650 battery. This powerful battery will last for four to six hours on a full charge. That's a lot of karaoke fun! It comes with the charging cable, and the auxiliary cord for headphones too. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser That's a Work of Art

    I love my essential oils, as well as my diffusers. However, I recently stumbled across the Moonsteps Aromatherapy Diffuser. It looks like a work of art, so it not only adds to your decor, but it's useful as well.

Aromatherapy Diffuser That's a Work of Art

    I may have a problem with essential oils, and oil scents. I mean, I have an entire medicine cabinet dedicated solely to them. I even own a few different diffusers, so we can run them in various rooms. However, when I saw the Moonsteps Diffuser, I fell in love and had to have it, because it's absolutely gorgeous!

    Not only does it slowly fade into the colors of the rainbow like other diffusers, but this one actually fades through SEVENTEEN colors! It also has a sturdy glass globe that goes over top of the diffuser. It's silver and has geometric patterns on it, that the color changing lights shine through. It's looks more like a piece of fancy glass art, than a diffuser.

Essential Oils and Scents

    I use my diffusers to mist out essential oil blends. Just fill your Moonsteps Diffuser to the fill line, and add in any blend you like. It puts out a moist mist that fills the room with the scent of the oils. I use blends for depression, thieves oil if we're sick (it kills germs, and yes, it works), or peppermint for headaches, just to name a few. I also like to use scented oils. These aren't essential oils, but they give your room a nice, soft scent. You can find them at Walmart, or online as well. 

Here are some more details:

Mist Modes:
High: Lasts up to 5 hours on continuous high mode
Light: Lasts up to 7 hours on continuous low mode
Intermittent Mist: Lasts up to 10 hours on intermittent mode

Package Contents:
1 x Aroma Diffuser
1 x UL certification Charger Adapter
1 x Measuring Cup for Filling Water
1 x User Manual
Note: Oil is not included in this package

     I love this diffuser! As I said, not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it works great too! Essential oils are so beneficial, and having a cool mist in your room is great for your family. (It really helps with our sinuses when running heaters or air conditioners.) We know you'll love it too!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Take Your Tunes Wherever You Roam This Summer

    Today is the unofficial start to summer! (A huge thank you to our fallen service men and women, and their families for their ultimate sacrifice.) AncordWorks knows that music makes everything more enjoyable. And their new speaker is perfect for summer.

Take Your Tunes Wherever You Roam This Summer

    When we pack for a day of fishing or swimming, we always pack a speaker. We are in love with AncordWorks IPX7 Speaker. First of all, it's not too big or bulky, so it fits nicely in a purse or bag. Secondly, it's waterproof. You can enjoy all of your summer water activities, and still enjoy your music wherever you are. The IPX7 resists water up to to a meter deep for up to thirty minutes. The internal battery will play music for up to twelve hours too, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your day!

SD Card Compatible

    The IPX7 takes a micro SD card. I love this feature. You don't need a phone or tablet to play your music, because you can simply download it to the memory card (not included), and insert it into your speaker. This is super handy because not everyone has water resistant phones or cases, so you won't have to have them near water.

    This speaker is Bluetooth compatible, so it will play music from another device. Your phone or tablet can be up to thirty three feet away, and stream music to your speaker. Which is great because if your phone is water resistant, you don't want it near the pool, pond, lake or more.

Volume Control

    One of the features that drew me to AncordWorks IPX7 speaker is that it has its own volume control. Many speakers volume is controlled only by the device that is linked to it. However, if you want to play music from the SD card, you can't control the volume. The IPX7 stands out from the pack, because with this one you CAN control the volume via the speaker itself. You can also forward or reverse to another track. Control play and pause from the speaker, as well as answer calls or reject them if. 

Other Features

    The IPX7 has an auxiliary cord so you can play music from various devices. It charges via a USB cord, which is included. It even has a tripod mount on the bottom, so you can attach it to a tripod and then hang it or stand it anywhere. The strap is handy too. You can wear it around your wrist, or clip a carabiner to it and attach it to your tackle box, raft, and more. This speaker is perfect for summer, and even makes a great gift for dad! I got my husband one for Father's Day, and he loves it. (Yes, I gave it to him early because I can never wait!)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Great Gift for Dad Under Ten Bucks!

    I have an awesome gift idea for dads and it's even under ten bucks! You can't beat that!

Great Gift for Dad Under Ten Bucks

    I'm always on the lookout for great gift ideas for my dad, bonus dad, and husband. I find it's harder to shop for the men in my family, than it is to shop for the women. Last week I stumbled upon this Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, and new my husband had to have one.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    This handy dandy gauge is not only an inexpensive gift, but it's pretty awesome too! Uses get an instant digital reading of their tire pressure. It can be used on vehicles, off road vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and so much more.

    It fits perfectly in your hand, so it's not bulky and awkward to use. This also means that dad can store it in his glove box too. That way it's always where he can access it quickly. 

Displays Pressure in Four Units

    This Digital Tire Pressure Gauge displays your tire pressure in four units. You can choose it to show you the pressure in PSI, Bar, KPS, and kgf/cm². Simply press the red button on the bottom to turn your gauge on. Then toggle through to choose which pressure display you want to use. The gauge shuts off after thirty seconds too, so it will save on the battery. Dad won't have to worry that the gauge will be dead when he goes to use it because of this feature.

Lighted Nozzle and Display

    The nozzle on this gauge is lighted so you can easily see the valve stem to take your tire pressure. The display is LCD and back light so you can read the pressure easier as well. So whether dad is testing tire pressure during the night or day, he can quickly and simply read the gauge.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Enjoy Your Music Without Noise Distractions

    My son loves his music. However, I don't always want to listen to what he wants. So he needs headphones. For sensory reasons, he can't tolerate the ones that fit into your ear. He needs a headset so he can enjoy his music whenever he wants. I just got him the Riwbox XBT-780 ones, and he loves them.

Enjoy Your Music Without Noise Distractions

    The Riwbox XBT-780 Wireless Headset is not only appealing to the eye, but they're functional as well. These headphones play your music clearly, while also isolating your ears from background noise. This means that you won't have loud voices or other music around you, interrupting the music you're listening to. From a special needs stand point, since they do block out some environmental noise, they're perfect for a child with auditory sensitivities.

Don't be Tied Down

    This headset from Riwbox is wireless. Connect to your tablet, phone, mp3 player, and more, via Bluetooth. It works up to fifteen meters from your device. That's almost fifty feet away. However, if you don't want to be wireless, it does come with auxiliary cable to plug and play your tunes.

Microphone for Calls

    The Riwbox XBT-780 headset comes with a microphone. You can make and take calls while wearing them. This makes them perfect for work and for fun. 


    Liam has sensory aversions to many things. However, he reports that his Riwbox headset is very comfortable to wear. He's been wearing them virtually non stop since he got them, so they must be comfortable. I tried them on before I gave them to him, and they really are nice. I love the padding around the ears. They are also very nice looking as well. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Lifelong Commitment Doesn't Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

    Are you ready to pledge your love to someone, and spend the rest of your Earthly life with them? If so, congratulations! Also, don't stress about spending a fortune. Declaring your love and commitment shouldn't come with a hefty price tag.

Lifelong Commitment Doesn't Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

    The commercials are everywhere. You know the ones that tell us an engagement ring should cost about one month of your salary. The ones that say "she's happy because he went to...." I call bull. First of all, not everyone can afford to spend that much, and that doesn't mean you love your partner any less.

    Secondly, what's the point? The cost of a ring doesn't prove your love. Yes, it's a symbol of it, but that's just the ring itself. You can purchase a ring containing one or more cubic zirconia's for a fraction of the cost of a "real" diamond. The difference? CZ looks just like a diamond, it even scratches glass like one. However, they're created in a lab, so they're man made. 

    But you know what? They're just as pretty, and way more ethical than a "real" diamond. Since they're created in a lab, they're sustainable. Also, diamonds come with conflict. Many of the African workers that mine them are abused, and have no human rights. So not only is mining them harming the ecosystem, but the people that do the work as well.

Cubic Zirconia is Gorgeous

    I recently took my eldest son shopping for an engagement ring. We spoke in length about what the ring means, and that it doesn't have to break your account. Once we shopped around, we decided to come home and see what we could find online. When he saw this wedding set by Van Rorsi&Mo he fell in love.

    It comes with the engagement ring, and the wedding band that fits beautifully against it. Made from pure 925 sterling silver, it's absolutely gorgeous. The engagement ring features a 1.2 CT cubic zirconia in a round setting. It is surrounded by forty sparkling zircons. The wedding band features sixteen sparkly zircons. No one will know that it's not a "real" diamond, unless you choose to tell them. As far as we're concerned, we tell everyone, because we believe in human rights, and don't support people being treated horribly just to mine "real" diamonds.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Turn Bathing into a Sensory Experience

    I've always had to find ways to lull my child into bathing. He's twelve, and still it's an issue. ("There's too much to do to waste time on bathing!") I've found that turning baths into a sensory experience is a great way to get kids in the tub.

Turn Bathing into a Sensory Experience

    The first step to creating a fun bath is knowing what kind of sensory fulfillment your child needs or wants. Let me start by saying that your child doesn't have to be a special needs child to benefit from a sensory bath. Kids in general love them. I've had neurotypical kids here enjoying sensory fun in wading pools, just as much as my special needs son does.

    That being said, let's see what experience you want to give your child. Do they crave smells? If so, then a bath to fulfill their olfactory needs would be perfect. Maybe they like bright lights, and different things to look at. If so, some pool lights, and light up toys will be perfect. If you're looking to fill tactile needs for a kid that loves to feel everything, then maybe a jelly bath, shaving cream "paint" or some cooked noodles. 

We do this one outside because it can get messy. Cook noodles in colored water. That's it! It feels like seaweed!

Bath Bombs are the Bomb

    Liam (and I) especially love bath bombs. These fulfill a few senses at once, and are amazing! We get ours from Sudzy Bums. Her bombs are the bomb. They smell fantastic! They also fizz a bunch so that fulfills Liam's tactile need. He also loves how they color the water too. (He likes to use one of Sudzy Bums bath bombs, and adds in waterproof lights too.)

Fun for the Entire Family

    Sudzy Bums has a full selection of bath bombs, liquid soaps, bar soaps, soaks, scrubs, moisturizers, and so much more. All hand crafted for you and your loved ones. Make sure to get yourself something too, because you deserve to be pampered after getting your kiddo in the tub.

    Does your child love bubble baths? Liam and I both do. For him, I add sensory lights, and add bubbles to his bath. It turns it into an instant sensory fun bath. Sudzy Bums has Bubble Scoops, and Bubble Bath that is perfect for these types of baths. 

Add a Sudzy Bums Bubble Scoops, grab a light wand or some waterproof tub lights, and let your son or daughter have a blast.

Where to Buy

    We love Sudzy Bums, and we know you and your family will as well. So check them out on Etsy

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Don't Compete for USB Ports While on Vacation

    We're a family of four (not counting our fur babies.) Therefore, we all have more than one device that relies on a USB port for charging. When we vacation, there aren't always enough outlets for each of our USB ports. So we're constantly competing or staggering charges for everyone. Thanks to KabelDirekt that's no longer an issue.

Don't Compete for USB Ports While on Vacation

    KabelDirekt recently sent us their Four Port USB charger. That means one outlet can now charge four devices at one time. This is fantastic for us! No more arguing over whose phone or tablet has the least amount of battery, and therefore gets priority. No more juggling devices and searching for accessible outlets in our cabins or cottages.

Rapid Charging Wherever You Roam

    The four USB ports on the KabelDirekt charger rapidly charge any USB device. All four are protected against over heating, over current, and short circuits. You can feel safe while charging your family's devices. 

Sturdy and Sleek

    The sturdy design is sleek and goes with anything. You can choose from black or space grey. The housing of the charger is made from aluminum so not only will hold up to life, but it looks great too. 

Perfect for Travel or Every Day

    We won't only be using our KabelDirekt Four Port USB Charger just for travel. As a matter of fact, it's currently plugged into the outlet next to our couch for everyone to use. The charger even comes with three nano pads, so you can mount it anywhere in your home. When it's time for vacation, it will be packed right along with all of our devices so we can use it and eliminate the USB port arguments that follow us on our trips.

    If you have a larger family, or just more devices, then grab two or more of the KabelDirekt Four Port USB Charger. My husband already said he wants to get one more. We usually get a large cottage on Chincoteague Island, and share it with my sister and brother in law. That means a few more devices that need to charge via USB. This way, we can pack less chargers, and actually charge more devices!

Take Your Water Exploration to the Next Level

    Liam and I are water babies. We love water, and anything to do it with. Summer is heaven for us because we can fish, swim, and more in local water holes. If you're like us, then you too can take your water exploration to the next level. Whether you live seaside, lakeside, or creekside, the Obliviscar Snorkel is for you!

Take Your Water Exploration to the Next Level

    As I said, we love to swim. Both of would rather swim underwater too. However, for my son, he HAS to have not just goggles, but something to keep water from his nose. Due to sensory issues, this is a must for him. Which is how we discovered the Obliviscar Snorkel Mask.

    This is a full face snorkel mask. It's amazing! You can actually breathe in and out NORMALLY while wearing it too! (However, if you dive deeper, and the tube goes below water, make sure to just breathe OUT.)

Comfortable and Fog Free

    The Obliviscar Snorkel is very comfortable to wear. It's autism approved (by Liam) and we both think it feels normal on our face. This mask keeps all water out, and because of the innovative design, it's fog free. The breathing chamber is closed off your breath won't fog up your mask. It really works.

Non Squeezing

    The Obliviscar Snorkel mask doesn't squeeze your face but seals perfectly. The straps are adjustable so you can get the best fit. It also comes in two sizes. Small/Medium, and Large/Extra Large. Our family wears the Large/Extra Large comfortably.

    Your mask comes with a longer breathing tube so you can easily enjoy snorkeling and exploring, anytime, anywhere.  As a bonus, it comes with a waterproof phone case that fits most smartphones, and silicone ear plugs too. It also comes with a mount so you can snorkel while wearing your GoPro camera! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Save Your Phone Port and Charge Wirelessly

    Since smartphones have been a way of life, I've been through quite a few. You know what usually goes first? The charging port! I've had to give up three phones because the charging ports went on them. Now, you can save that port and charge wirelessly!

Save Your Phone Port and Charge Wirelessly

    I just upgraded to a Samsung S7. (Yeah, I know, I'm a bit behind, but I'm cheap!) I was so excited that I finally had a phone I could charge wirelessly. Needless to say, I didn't even have it a week before I was searching for one.

    I chose the Qi Wireless Pad Charging Station. Now all I need to do is lay my phone on this charging pad, and it quickly re-charges my phone. Easy peasy!
    The Qi Wireless Pad comes with the cord that the pad needs to get power. All you need to do is plug the pad into a USB port. 

Charges Through Cases

    As long as your phone case isn't super thick, you won't need to remove it to charge your phone with the Qi Wireless Pad. I charge mine right with the case on it, and it works perfectly. The only case I remove is the one with my Pop socket, because it keeps my phone above the pad.

Works on Many Devices

    The Qi Wireless Charging Pad works on a bunch of different devices. If you're a fan of Samsung like myself, it will work on the Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Plus, the S7 (like mine,) the S7 Edge, S8, Note 8, S8 Plus, the S9 and S9 Plus.

    If you're more of an Apple fan, then have no fear! The Qi Wireless Charging Pad works on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the new iPhone X too! Here is a list of other phones it will work on too.

  •  -Nokia Lumia 920/ 928 
  • -Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch 
  • -Google Nexus 6 / 4 / 5 
  • -LG G6 (US ) V3
Dim red light when the pad has power

Sleep Friendly

    What I love about the Qi Wireless Pad Charger is that it's sleep friendly. Unlike many others it doesn't have bright lights on it that will keep you awake at night. This was huge for me when I was choosing which wireless charger I wanted. I like my room completely dark. This charger has a dim red light when plugged in, and when your phone is lying on it charging, it has a dim blue/purple light. That way you know it's charging, but the light isn't offending your sleep.

Dim blue/purple light when phone is charging