Monday, April 30, 2018

Puppy Pop Art You Can Wear or Display

    I love pop art! It's so colorful and happy. Then I discovered Pop Your Pup and realized how adorable "pup art" (or cat art) can be! This is art you can wear or display!

Puppy Pop Art You Can Wear or Display

    Pop Your Pup is the coolest! They take images of your fur baby and turn it into fantastic pop art! Located in Florida (oh how I miss my Tampa home,) the folks there have a true love for art and animals. (It doesn't get any better than that!) These are my people, since I share the same loves. 

    Their online interactive company, works with you to create one of a kind art of you pet. (They only do one pet per image because after all, each pet deserves their very own spotlight!) Artists take your picture and turn it into one of a kind pop art. You choose your background and what you want the image on, and they do the rest.

    If you can't decide on a background, don't worry! You can view your pop art pet on each background so you can make the best decision. That's perfect for people (like me) that have a hard time choosing!

It's Simple and Fun

    All you need to do is snap a pic of your pet, or choose one of your favorite images. Choose your background, and either apparel or wrapped canvas, and check out. In just one business day, the folks at Pop Your Pup will send you the artwork to approve. Once they have your approval, they create you art, and send it on it's way. Easy peasy!

    They have tees, tanks, and crops that you can wear proudly with your best friend emblazoned on the front. They also have blankets, baby bibs, and youth tees. You can get one for each member of your family too!

The Love is Definitely REAL! :)

    You can also choose from three canvas sizes as well. Imagine guests faces when they gaze upon your purrfect pet pop art?! Liam loves his with his bestie Josie Joy and we know you will love yours as well!

    What are you waiting for? Pop Your Pet now!

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A Gorgeous Gift for Mom

    With just under two weeks until Mother's Day we want to share another gift idea with you. These gorgeous earrings are sure to put a smile on mom's face!

A Gorgeous Gift for Mom

    I just got my mom this beautiful pair of Rose Gold and Cubic Zirconia earrings. I know she is going to love them! They are so sparkly!! I can't wait to give them to her. Her favorite gold is rose gold, so when I found these earrings I knew she had to have them! Rose gold happens to be the most popular gold finish right now, so if you're not sure if mom likes it, I'm willing to bet that she will. Besides, mom's love us unconditionally, and they love everything we get them. However, they will absolutely adore these stunning earrings.

    The earrings themselves are made from .925 sterling silver, and then coated with beautiful rose gold. Sterling silver is hypoallergenic so those with ear sensitivities have better success when wearing earrings made from them. It also means they won't stain, rust, or oxidize over time. Which means mom will enjoy them for years to come!

A Halo of Beauty

    I love these earrings so much. The center cubic zirconia, is surrounded by a halo of smaller cz stones. It gives these post earrings such an elegant touch. They're simple, yet refined design will never go out of style. Your mom (and mine) will be wearing them with pride! 

Prjewel Factory Outlet

    I found a ton of other gorgeous pieces of jewelry at Prjewel factory outlet. They have an amazing rose gold key necklace, and even a rose gold ring that would be the perfect additions to these earrings. Imagine mom's face when she gets a few pieces of timeless jewelry that she can enjoy each and every day! 

    Prjewel's prices are super affordable, and they're jewelry is breathtakingly beautiful. So whether you get mom just the earrings, or surprise her with all three, she is going to be pleased! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!

     I happen to love subscription boxes. They're so much fun and each month, it's something new. I recently discovered The Glitter Crunch Box, and fell in love. This month's theme was eggs and bacon. It's awesome!

Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!

    The Glitter Crunch Box is a monthly subscription that curates the finest Christmas ornaments and other items to go with each month's theme. This month it's Eggs and Bacon. I was so happy when I opened the box because my sister and her husband happen to raise pigs for a local butcher shop. So of course they love all things pig and bacon related!

What's Inside?

    Inside the Bacon and Eggs Glitter Crunch Box was two ornaments from Poland. That made me love it even more because my grandmother (Babcią) is Polish, and my great grandparents were from Poland. There was an ornament of glittery bacon strips, and the most adorable little piggy wearing a bandana with an egg on it. They touched my heart knowing they are from my ancestral country of origin. 

    This box also came with a concrete candle that looks like a hatched egg, complete with yellow tea lights to look like the yolk. (My sister also raises chickens for eggs, so I knew she was going to flip when she saw this candle!) There was also a pair of Two Left Feet, fried egg socks, that I knew my daughter in law would love. (She works in a restaurant and loves cooking breakfast there!) 

    Last but not least, my Glitter Crunch Box came with two flavors of candied bacon. A spicy habanero one, and sweet brown sugar bacon. Yum!!

How Does it Work?

    Each month of The Glitter Crunch Box is a different theme. From eggs and bacon, to coffee, beehive, ocean, and more. You can buy boxes individually, or sign up for a plan. You can choose a one month plan, three month, or six months. You prepay for your plan, and then sit back and wait for a new box to be delivered each month. It's that easy! 

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Capture Every Memory This Summer

    Summer is a time for swimming, fishing, picnics, cookouts, and more. Don't miss a family photo opp because you don't have super long arms! Grab the AFFLEXY tripod.

Capture Every Memory This Summer

    I love taking pictures of my children and family. But that also means that I'm not in any of them! With the AFFLEXY tripod, you can get images of everyone, everywhere! You can use it with virtually any phone, and camera as well. So you can capture all of those memories.

    The universal clip makes it so any phone can attach to the AFFLEXY tripod. Just screw it on, slide it open, and insert your phone. We have three different Samsung phones, and it works with every one of them. The screw is universal to cameras as well, so it will fit them all!

Snap Pics from a Distance

    It comes with a Bluetooth remote, so you don't have to be holding your camera or phone when snapping pics. Simply sync it with your device's Bluetooth, and use the button to snap your pics. It works with both my phone and my camera. This ensures that you won't be left out of any photos, and memories that your family will cherish for a lifetime.

Attach Anywhere

    The legs of the AFFLEXY are flexible so you can attach it anywhere. Wrap it around a chair, a tree branch, or anywhere. Then you can step back and capture the perfect picture! It's super handing for recording videos too! Since you can put it anywhere, you can record parties, picnics, and more.

    Speaking of videos, I love using a tripod to record mine. Whether I'm using my phone or camera, if I hold it, the mic picks up even the slightest movement. Then I get annoying scratching sounds in the video. With the AFFLEXY Tripod, your hands are away from the mic, so you get crystal clear audio in all of your videos.

Gift Ideas for Mom

    Mother's Day will be here before you know it. Do you have a gift idea lined up for mom? If not, now would be a good time to start.

Gift Ideas for Mom

     Is your mom hard to shop for? Does your family neglect to get you the perfect Mother's Day gift each year? Either way, I thought I would compile some ideas. From inexpensive, to all the bells and whistles. Moms deserve to be pampered. (And if you're a mom reading this, then be sure to share it with your kids and husband.) ;)

Free is for Me! 

    For many of us, money is tight. But that doesn't mean you can't spoil mom on her special day. Gather some crayons and paper, and set your kids loose! Have them create her a one of a kind card that she will treasure forever! While they're creating, why don't you make her her favorite breakfast. Let her sleep in without being disrupted by the kids, and then serve her breakfast in bed.


    If mom likes jewelry, then how about this beautiful gift set that's made just for mamas?! It comes with a necklace and a heart shaped, Mom pendant that is adorned with crystal gems. It's so pretty and mom is sure to cherish this loving gift! The chain is eighteen inches, so it's the perfect length for anyone. (The chain can also be adjusted longer or shorter as well.) It also comes with a matching bangle bracelet. 

    She can wear them together, or separately to compliment any outfit. It's the perfect gift for kids to present to their mom. I love mine! I pair my bangle with other silver bangles I have and it looks gorgeous! I think your mom is going to love it! 

Relax with a Massage

    Being a parent is stressful. So if you have the means to do so, a massage for mom would be perfect! Schedule her an appointment for Mother's day, or even a gift certificate so she can choose when she wants to relax. 

    If a massage isn't her thing, then what about a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, or both. Summer is coming, which means flip flop weather is on the horizon. Mom can get her toes in check just in time to don her favorite sandals!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Create a No Fly Zone for Bugs this Summer

    I love to sit outside and soak up the sun. Cookouts, Camping, and Creeking, are the three c's of summer. (By creeking I mean the swimming hole at our favorite creek.) But what I do hate are the bugs. The mosquitoes, flies, horseflies, and gnats are such a nuisance!

Create a No Fly Zone for Bugs this Summer

    Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter is here to make your summer more enjoyable! Throw away your traditional fly swatters, because they won't hold a candle to the Aowoto Bug Zapper! No more trying to swat flies and missing! Just sweep the air with your Aowoto racket, and zap bugs out of your life! This racket has three layers so you can get more insects with it.  

Keep Bugs Out of Your Face

    I make a super effective bug spray for my family and one just for our dogs as well. While it keeps bugs from biting us, it doesn't keep them out of our faces, or from swarming our dogs. Now that we have the Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter, I can swat those gnats away from my dogs outdoor couch before they settle in to get comfy. I can sweep bugs out of the air and away from my family as well. The small electrical charge kills those annoying pests quickly and efficiently. 


    Your Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter comes with it's own rechargeable batteries. No need for a separate charger either, because it's built into the racket. Just fold out the plug at the end of the handle, and plug it into your outlet. 


    Once you turn on your Aowoto Racket, it still won't zap. You have push the button to actually have the current ready which is great if you have kids. Also, let me point out that the amount of electricity is so small, it's not harmful to humans. However, it's super effective on those pesky insects that surround us when it's warm!

Indoors or Out

    The Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter can be used indoors or out. Which is perfect for me, because with kids in and out a zillion times a day, our house gets full of flies (and kids) quite quickly when it's warm out. I am so happy I will no longer have to chase flies around with junky swatters. One swing, and done!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Do You or Someone You Love Suffer from Plantar Fasciitis

    I had never heard about Plantar Fasciitis, until my brother was diagnosed with it. All I knew up until then was that some days he could barely walk. It's horrible!

Do You or Someone You Love Suffer from Plantar Fasciitis

   If so, then you know the extreme pain that I'm referring to. But do you know what it really is? Medically speaking, its an inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament. If you or someone you love suffers from chronic Plantar Fasciitis (a year or more,) then it could become Plantar Fasciosis. This is a result of scarring of the fascia. But what can you do to help relieve the pain?

How to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain

    Applying ice to your feet will help relieve the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament. You can even take over the counter ibuprofen to not only help ease the pain, but also the inflammation. Massage has even been shown to be successful.  However, when you're working, you can't stop what you're doing to ice your feet, or get a massage. But you can grab a pair of these XOX Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves. 

    The XOX sleeves give your feet compression to help the pain. They also have an arch support which is important in keeping pressure off of your plantar fascia ligament. They distribute pressure around your feet, to keep you from furthering injuring your plantar fascia. 

Medical Grade

    The XOX Plantar Fasciitis sleeves are made from medical grade 20-30 mmPG which is FDA registered. They have an innovative mesh design that goes around the T Brace ribbing, to graduate pressure and provide arch support. They're made of spandex and nylon, so they're thin enough that your feet can breathe. So they can be worn both with or without socks, and with or without shoes.

    The XOX sleeves can be hand washed with mild soap. Then just hang to dry. My brother recommends having two pair. That way he always has a pair to wear while the other ones are drying from being washed. He doesn't go a day without wearing his XOX Plantar Fasciitis sleeves. I'm so happy that I was able to find them for him and offer him some relief.  

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rainy Day Creativity That's Perfect for Spring

    We all know that April Showers bring May Flowers. However, after being cooped up all winter, being stuck inside on a rainy day in the spring is no fun! How about doing something fun and creative to pass the time?

Rainy Day Creativity That's Perfect for Spring

    I'm always on the lookout for fun projects to keep Liam and I both entertained on a cruddy day. I recently came across this 5D Diamond Painting Kit featuring my favorite Van Gogh painting, A Starry Night.

     It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and Liam is actually excited about it. He can't wait to get started on our "starry painting!" Turn a boring and drab day into a memory to last forever. You or your kids will enjoy creating this wonderful piece of art. You may want to grab more than one because you won't want to just sit back and watch. 

Paint by Number Got an Upgrade

    I always loved doing paint by number paintings when I was a kid, and I still love them today. However, they have now been upgraded! The 5D Diamond Painting kit doesn't actually use paint at all. Instead you're placing 2.8 millimeter beads all over the image.

    Each color is numbered, so all you need to do is place it on the corresponding number on the painting. It's less messy, and more fun! As a special needs mom, I think it's great therapy fun! Your child will be passing time on a rainy day and enjoying this project, all the while working on fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. It's a win win for special families! 

Easy and Relaxing

    This kit comes with everything you need to create a one of a kind, beautiful piece of art. Simply put a little wax on the end of the pen, pick up each bead, one by one, and place it on the corresponding number on the image. (The canvas comes covered in the adhesive to make them stick.) That's it! When you're all done, you can frame it. Hang it in your own home, or gift it to someone you love.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Show Mom She's the Bomb

    Mother's Day is coming. Now's the time to start getting mom some gifts. I have an idea that will show her she's the bomb. Literally!

These bath bombs even come nicely wrapped for mom!

Show Mom She's the Bomb

    Bath bombs are becoming so popular, and what better way to show your mom that's she's the bomb! I love this set of six bath bombs. They're small and mighty! These little bombs really pack a punch of essential oils to your bath. They also color the water nicely, but without leaving a nasty ring that mom will hate cleaning!

Give Her the Gift of Relaxation

    These bath bombs are a great way to give mom some time to herself, so she can relax with a nice, hot soak in the tub. Since they include essential oils, they'll give her a therapeutic, spa like experience, right in the comfort of her own home. 

    This set of six bath bombs even comes with two pretty rings to make mom feel extra special. They're one size fits all, so they will fit any finger she chooses!

Sore muscles, Aches, and Illness

    Since these bath bombs include essential oils, they're helpful for aches, pains, and even the common cold. The set of six comes with two bath bombs for the cold or flu, and they contain Eucalyptus oil. Two of them contain orange essential oil which is a natural anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant, so that's perfect when mom is feeling like crud from aches and pains. The last two bombs include lavender essential oil which is perfect for relaxing and having some time to oneself. 

I Love Them

    It's finally Spring here in Northeastern Pa. The weather has finally gotten warmer, but with it, my allergies are coming back. Last night I took a hot bath and used one of the eucalyptus bath bombs. The steam from the water was potent with the oil, and really helped clear out my sinuses some. The oils also added some softness to my dry skin. I loved it and I know your mom will too!

Raising Autism Awareness Wherever We Go

    Ahh the good ol' days. Or were they? They days when Liam was younger and newly diagnosed. Meltdowns were around every corner. He had to touch EVERYTHING in sight to fulfill his sensory needs. I started only wearing autism awareness clothing because I was so tired of the stares and the comments. I was tired of verbally educating.

Raising Autism Awareness Wherever We Go

     Now that he's older, and "graduated" from virtually every therapy at our disposal, we don't raise as much unwanted awareness. However, we still like to don autism themed clothing. We do so to show our support for fellow autism families. To let another, newly diagnosed family know that, we "get it," we won't judge. To let the world know that it's okay to be different, and to embrace those differences. 

The Coolest Autism Awareness Shirt I've Seen in Years!

    I was on Etsy last week and I came across ArtsyAndInfamous. When I saw their "Dare to Be Yourself," Autism Awareness tee I knew Liam had to have one. First of all, it has skeletons. He loves them. Secondly the autistic one is doing the dab. Liam dabs everywhere, all the time. Not to mention that, daring to be oneself is a lesson that everyone can live by. One we should strive to instill in our children. Because after all, if everyone were comfortable being different, then bullying others may just disappear. (We can hope, right?)

Never a Dull Moment

    Because in an Autism home, there never is a dull moment. This racerback tank top by ArtsyAndInfamous if perfect as well! It too features a dabbing kid, that's decked out in Autism Awareness. 

Mother's day is right around the corner. So for the autism mom in your life, maybe grab her one of ArtsyAndInfamous autism mom tees. There are two specifically designed for moms to choose from. Both are adorably "AuSome!"

    These are just a few of the autism designs from ArtsyAndInfamous. To see more, you have to check out their Etsy shop. They also have a really neat selection of other, non autism tees for every occasion. If you want something custom, they can do that too!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Truth About PMS and Periods

    PMS. That dreaded week (OR MORE) of a month where our bodies shed blood and uterine lining. We ache. We bloat. We hate the world. But what can we do to combat this?

The Truth About PMS and Periods

    Aside from getting our female organs surgically removed (BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE,) there are a ton of articles aimed to help ease our symptoms. I think I've read them all, and disagree with every one of them. So let's get real about PMS and periods.

Meditate They Said. It Will Be Good For You They Said....

    Excuse me? While I'm all for clearing one's mind and relaxation, I don't see how meditation is going to help with cramps from hell, and my uterine walls contracting. Can you? I know it's to help calm nerves and regulate emotions, but listen....telling a crazed woman whose hormones are flooding her brain to calm down, and relax, is pretty much a death sentence. DON'T.DO.THAT!

They Tell Us to Exercise

    Can you hear me laughing right now? I don't know about you, but when I had my period, it was like flood gates inside me opened up. Standing or simple walking could cause leaks and enormous embarrassments. There were times I had to run out of stores with blood running down my jeans, and sit on a garbage bag just to get home. And that was while using a tampon AND a pad. Yet the experts are telling me to exercise???? Ummm, no! How about some binge watching tv, a hot water bottle, a heating pad, over the counter pain meds, and chocolate. GIVE.ME.ALL.THE.CHOCOLATE!

Vitamins and Supplements

    Does chocolate count for a vitamin? If I supplement it for every meal while I'm menstruating, that makes it a supplement right? In all seriousness though, chocolate is PROVEN to help with PMS. Yes, you read that right. Chocolate contains magnesium which improves energy naturally, and alleviates cramps. Will it take them away completely? No, but paired with heated therapy and some ibuprofen, you should be good to go. (Unless you suffer from Endo or PCOS, because that's a whole other ball game.) 

    Since we're on the subject of supplements, let's talk more about pain relief. Ibuprofen (Advil) and Naproxen (Aleve) not only help with pain, but they also lessen the contractions of your uterus, which is why you get cramps in the first place. 

The Truth is Periods Suck, But We Can Make Them Suck A Little Less!

    Menstruating is part of being a woman. And although it sucks, if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be able to become moms. But that doesn't mean we have to suffer. The PMS Package knows that our time of the month is tiring, crampy, and sometimes pretty abysmal. But it doesn't have to be. Their carefully curated packages come every month, and they're chock full of items to ease that cruddy time of the month.

    The PMS Package comes packed with goodies to kill your cravings. From chocolate, to sweet and salty goodies. It also comes with items to pamper yourself, and make that nasty week just a bit easier on you. Bath and body products, or even fun little gadgets to put a smile on your face. 

Every PMS Package includes:

  • five snacks to fulfill your cravings
  • two to three items for beauty and pampering
  • two to three feminine essentials

Give the Gift of Comfort

    Anyone can give the gift of comfort to a beloved woman in their life. You can get them a one time gift, or do three, six or twelve months of The PMS Package. Knowing the week each month she will get her period is helpful. That way her package can be delivered in time for her to reap the rewards.

Treat Yourself

    Or being the modern woman you are, treat yourself! Start your own subscription to The PMS Package. After all, you know when (approximately) your dreaded period will show up. So you'll know exactly when you want your box to arrive. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours today! My readers can enjoy a 20% coupon too!

 Use code PMS20 at checkout! 

Two different months of The PMS Package

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