Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hurting the very people you claim to advocate for is EVIL!

We're getting ready to head out on a MUCH needed vacation. We haven't had a real one in years and are so thankful we get this chance.
Those who follow us know what a ride the last few years have been. It's going to be great to relax and just enjoy each other and the ocean for a week!
But, I have a story to tell. Writing soothes my soul, and I need to get this out of my heart before I can move forward and enjoy myself and my family.

So here goes....

This happened yesterday. Someone I called friend. Someone I loved. Someone that claimed I was her friend. Someone that claimed to love me. Well she showed her true colors, and she proved I was never her friend.
I was starting to notice that this person was only having contact with me when she wanted info. I'm a straight up honest person, and she knows that. My aspie brain wants FACTS, not half truths. Not a run around! She would message me and in a sneaky way, be pumping me for info. THEN, she would act like she truly cared about my family and I,  after a  few questions, and once she got what she wanted, she wouldn't speak to me again.
Well yesterday I was awoken by yet another pm from her. Prying for more info. I was starting to get wise to her ways, as have other mothers she has done this too. She of course was wanting info. Then, when she realized I wasn't giving up anything, she was being more vague, telling me to forget it.
Look, if you come to me and say, "so and so said this about you." Or,  "so and so said you said this about me," you damn well better be able to tell me what I supposedly said. First of all, I don't make a habit of talking about others behind their back. If I say something about you to someone else, it's something I will say to your face!
When I finally had enough and caught her in a lie, and asked her to clarify, she UNFRIENDED and BLOCKED me!!!!!
That right there says guilt! I was crushed!
I sent screen shots to my friends. And what they said floored me. It was what I have been thinking for months, but didn't want to admit.
She was using my straight forward, aspie, literal way of thinking against me. Taking advantage of my honesty for her OWN AGENDA!!!!
That's right, I'm on the spectrum. She knows it! And she was using it for her own benefit!
Who does that? She's an autism parent!!!!! How would she feel is someone did that to her child????
I was broken yesterday. I even cried. Now today, I am livid!
She calls herself an advocate and instead she used someone that she claims to advocate for.....
And to back up all that happened, enjoy the screen shots. I'm in blue, she is in white.
So do me a favor. Have friends because you like them. because you relate to them. Because you were school friends. DON'T have friends for your own agenda. Also, ppl that you are friends with may be on the spectrum. Honor that. Support them. Don't use them.
I know you guys won't  But I feel it needs said.