Friday, November 30, 2012

Liam the Brat

  This is a post that is kind of hard to write. As parents we tend to see our kids with rose colored glasses. I know my son is NOT by any means PERFECT, but I try not to dwell on his flaws. Last night however, that was impossible!!!!!!
  Liam had his little friend "A" over last night. She is so cute we call her Chewy, so that is how I will refer to her :) They started out jumping, launching and tumbling onto the crash pad. Having a blast I might add. I noticed Liam was being awful rough and quickly got on him to stop. He didn't listen. He then proceeded to push her off the couch (onto the pad).  At first she was laughing, but  it didn't take long before I could see the annoyance in her eyes. I told him to stop being so rough, she is a girl and girl's don't like rough boys. That didn't matter, he kept on being a hellion. Then Chewy decided playing school would be better. (You rock Chewy!!!!) So they got out some school supplies and began. Liam was mouthy, rude, bossy and just plain annoying. "Chewy, you can't do that, you're a girl! Chewy you can't do that you're only 5...." and the rude comments kept coming! Let me say that he is lucky I am not Chewy. Had I been Chewy, even at the age of 5, I would have told him just where to put that notebook and pencil!!!!!!
  I couldn't believe my ears. I have never seen Liam act quite like the way he did last nite. He was just so, God I can't even think of a word to describe how he was acting......Everything they played (as always) he needed to dominate. It was more than that though. The condescending manner in which he was speaking to his friend was appalling. We NEVER speak to Liam that way. We are always working to build his confidence and self esteem with positive words and actions. I have NO CLUE where he could have picked this behavior up from.....
  As I said, I know he isn't perfect, but Liam lives his life by imitations and observations. He is a "monkey see, monkey do" kind of kid. This leads me to believe that he may be picking this up from the older peers he INSISTS on playing with. In keeping with my honesty, I don't like him playing with these older kids, but Liam's dad keeps stressing the fact that he NEEDS the socialization. (which he does) So if these kids are behind our house playing,  I do let Liam go join them. I want nothing more than to be out there watching with my eagle eye, but that is HOVERING (so I am told) So I sit inside and hover from the window. Problem is, I can't hear what is being said......So my intelligent observation is this.....He is hearing it from somewhere, someone, and I would bet it's from these kids.
  He went over and played at one's house the other night. He came home looking very sad. When I asked him why, all I could get from him was, "They told me I am too little to play that with them." Liam holds negativity inside and it brews and brews until it explodes. Last night it exploded and poor Chewy was on the receiving end.  :(
  After she left, we had a talk about why we don't act like that. He showed no emotion (typical) so I can only hope it sunk in. That being said, I am glad it's getting very cold outside and these other kids will be inside all winter. This way I don't have to worry too much about Liam playing with them and copying their every action! I do NOT like Liam the BRAT!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guest Blog for a friend :)

So today I guest blogged for Red Vines and Wine. She is one of my FAVE facebook pages, and I always look forward to her posts!!! You can check her out by clicking on her name......
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 Hint: Autism, Paranormal, and a bit more about me :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Momma, I'm just joking...." Does NOT Lighten the Blow....

  So, Liam has a "new thing!" Lately he has really been hurting people's feelings because he has no filter, has no idea how to joke, or when to be serious..... His daddy and I have been working on this with him. He is a very funny child, and loves to laugh and smile. With that being said, he has no clue how to tell a joke or know the difference between being funny or offensive. This means, it's nothing for Liam to tell you, "You're fat! You are not very pretty. I think I love you, but I'm not sure because sometimes I don't like you...." and then LAUGH hysterically!!!! He thinks these statements are funny. (and trust me there are so many more, I would be here all nite typing them!)
  We have been pointing out what he says, and how it's wrong. His father has also been working with him on how to tell a joke. One of the things Patterick said to him was, "Buddy, just because your laughing doesn't make it funny, or make it a joke. How will people know you are joking when you say things like that???" Okay, seems logical.....Fast forward to today.
  This morning, out of the blue Liam says, "Momma! I am just joking, but your breath stinks!" I reply, "ok buddy!" Then, "Momma! I am just joking but I love and hate you sometimes!" Hmmmmmm,I can see where this is going..... "Momma! I am just joking but sometimes you are pretty and sometimes I think you're ugly!" Now, he is laughing each time he says this....I am NOT!!! Buddy I don't care how you sugar coat your words, you are MEAN!!!!

  I tell him those are not jokes and he says, "but momma, I told you it was a joke, that makes it one! I warned you before I said it, so that makes it okay!" Well, I don't know how to argue with that! That's Liam Logic for ya! So if you know my kid, I apologize in advance if he offends you with one of his "jokes...."
(Was this made for Liam????)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

All I Want for Christmas....

YES! Finally those pesky two front teeth came out!!!!! It took forever to get the first one out. I was beginning to think it was never coming out. Once it did though, it was a week later that number two came tumbling out. Now for Christmas we can sing this:
Liam on the other hand is not so amused. He thinks we are "picking on" him when we sing this song. He wants them back!!!! He even took the tooth (before the fairy came of course) and attempted to shove it back in there! He "looks ugly" without his teeth..... (he says this many times a day) LOOK AT THIS FACE!!!!!!

Who in God's name would call this ugly????? Ugh he has such a bad self esteem. The morning after losing number two, he got up, checked his tooth bag, and then cried.....You see, last year around this time he lost his VERY FIRST TOOTH!!!! The tooth fairy thought this was a HUGE milestone, and that 5$ was in order for number one...Well, that damn tooth fairy was a bit strapped for cash due to her Christmas shopping for her fairy kiddos. Sooooooo, instead of getting 5$ for tooth number one, Liam got a 5$ toy. Needless to say he was STOKED!!!! Problem now is, he 1) expects 5$ every time and 2) expects a toy. I explained that you only get that much for your very first one because it's so super special. He doesn't care, to him, they are all special. Every time he loses one, he cries he wants it back. He cries that the tooth fairy takes it. Little does he know, momma has them all stashed safely away for when he loses them all....then and ONLY then will the "tooth fairy" return them. I bet by then he won't even care.....or will he???? He does have odd obsessions (that I love him for :) ) So, I kind of screwed myself with that damn 5$ toy and it seems, he will NEVER forget it! (Memory like an elephant.) So each time a tooth comes out I am reminded of yet another parenting mistake I have made! (yep I admitted it, I'm not a perfect parent, though I try very hard to be the BEST one I can be!) 
Sooo, want some free advice??? If your autie kiddo hasn't lost his/her teeth yet....when he/she does, DO NOT get excited and over pay for the first!!!!! It will come back to bite ya in the arse, every time, because our kiddos, forget NOTHING!!!! (except chores and stuff we ask of them, but hey, can ya blame them???)


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yes, even Santa makes mistakes.....

So this morning I had a VERY upset little boy.......seems Santa screwed up!!! Damn it all to hell!!!
   Liam has a magic mailbox. (Great mimi gave it to him a few years ago) Each year, Liam puts his letter to Santa in it and puts the flag up. While he is sleeping that night, Santa comes, takes his letter, and leaves behind a small prize or piece of candy.
   Yesterday Liam frantically dug thru Christmas totes to find his magic mailbox. When he did, he took it inside, and promptly put his letter in, flag up, and on the table. Now, the rest of the day was super busy! Got the yard all decorated. Went through all the lights, realized our tree lights were no good. Trip to town for new tree lights, and extension cords for the yard. Came home, put the tree up and the new lights on. Now it's late. Liam is crying because the tree "needs ornaments" and momma is too tired and in too much pain to take on this task. (damn you FMS!!!!) So instead we settle for a snack and a movie.
    Now, I completely forgot about the mailbox. (FMS fog strikes again)  I get up this am, go about my normal morning routine. Liam walks out, goes right to the mailbox. In that instant, my heart sank. I knew what was going to happen. He slaps it back down on the table and walks away. Tears welling up in his eyes, his bottom lip fully protruded...... dammit Courtney, think fast.....
    DAMN U SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I get him into my lap, and explain that Santa called late last nite. Vixen fell very ill, and needed Santa to stay by her side in her stable to care for her and work his magic. Santa also said he would be by tonight as long as Vixen was feeling better. (Hey, gotta leave myself an out, in case I forget again!!!!)  That seemed to work.....for now. Crisis averted!!!! Now onto decorating the tree because it "can't be naked!!!"

Here's hoping your Santa has a better memory than me, I mean mine ;)



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Freedom, oh sweet freedom!!!!!

First, let me start by saying, I am sorry I have neglected my blog. I never realized how much my ALFL page would take off, and I use that for most of my venting/sharing..... Also, I seem to be in a fog most of the time, so writing anything lengthy just doesn't work for me.... (damn FMS!!!!)
    Today I write because sweet freedom is just hours away!!! That's right! Tonite this momma is hitting the town with some friends!!!! It's our annual movie date. Yes, I said annual. (I know, I don't get out enough!) We are headed to the movies tonite to watch the end of the Twilight saga. (Go ahead Twilight haters, roll your eyes) You see, I read all the books, and LOVED them. After I watched the first movie, my girlfriends and I started a tradition of leaving the kids with the men, and heading to the midnight showings. I know many people do not like Twilight (just "cray cray" to me!) I however love them, and I don't care. Stephanie Meyer jumped into my adolescent mind and wrote the greatest love story a macabre girl could ever want. Vampires, werewolves, and hotties, OH MY! In all seriousness, the only way it could be better is to put some witches in there! (Also obsessed with Salem witch history)
    There's more to it than enjoying the movies for me. It's my one time a year that I get out WITHOUT LJ. I put on makeup, wear something other than jeans and a tee shirt, and I even do my hair! (Gosh, it's like a luxury!) To me, this is the one time a year, where I get to be Courtney. Not momma, not the wife, just ME!!!! Now, I would like to tell you I turn off my cell phone, and forget for the evening that I am a momma, but I don't. I can't. I set it to vibrate and hold it all nite. I know he is with his dad, but he is super attached to momma (yes, some would say his UC is still attached to me) and I can't go out and just forget him..... (I even sneak out before the movie starts, and check in. Yes, I know, let it go, RELAX. That's not my style!)
    So because of the Dark Knight shooting, tonite the movie will start at 10. We have to be there at 8 to get our seats, and then we will sit and visit while listening to the DJ. Talking won't be easy because the music is so loud. I don't care. I will be surrounded by my ladies, and I am away from home. It's a win win in my book.
     So for those of you who don't like the Twilight Saga, you can hate all you want. As for me, it has given me a chance to get out, and be me. In some weird way, I am kind of sad, this is the end......Now we need to find another excuse to get out once a year, lol!