Monday, November 26, 2012

"Momma, I'm just joking...." Does NOT Lighten the Blow....

  So, Liam has a "new thing!" Lately he has really been hurting people's feelings because he has no filter, has no idea how to joke, or when to be serious..... His daddy and I have been working on this with him. He is a very funny child, and loves to laugh and smile. With that being said, he has no clue how to tell a joke or know the difference between being funny or offensive. This means, it's nothing for Liam to tell you, "You're fat! You are not very pretty. I think I love you, but I'm not sure because sometimes I don't like you...." and then LAUGH hysterically!!!! He thinks these statements are funny. (and trust me there are so many more, I would be here all nite typing them!)
  We have been pointing out what he says, and how it's wrong. His father has also been working with him on how to tell a joke. One of the things Patterick said to him was, "Buddy, just because your laughing doesn't make it funny, or make it a joke. How will people know you are joking when you say things like that???" Okay, seems logical.....Fast forward to today.
  This morning, out of the blue Liam says, "Momma! I am just joking, but your breath stinks!" I reply, "ok buddy!" Then, "Momma! I am just joking but I love and hate you sometimes!" Hmmmmmm,I can see where this is going..... "Momma! I am just joking but sometimes you are pretty and sometimes I think you're ugly!" Now, he is laughing each time he says this....I am NOT!!! Buddy I don't care how you sugar coat your words, you are MEAN!!!!

  I tell him those are not jokes and he says, "but momma, I told you it was a joke, that makes it one! I warned you before I said it, so that makes it okay!" Well, I don't know how to argue with that! That's Liam Logic for ya! So if you know my kid, I apologize in advance if he offends you with one of his "jokes...."
(Was this made for Liam????)


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