Sunday, November 25, 2012

All I Want for Christmas....

YES! Finally those pesky two front teeth came out!!!!! It took forever to get the first one out. I was beginning to think it was never coming out. Once it did though, it was a week later that number two came tumbling out. Now for Christmas we can sing this:
Liam on the other hand is not so amused. He thinks we are "picking on" him when we sing this song. He wants them back!!!! He even took the tooth (before the fairy came of course) and attempted to shove it back in there! He "looks ugly" without his teeth..... (he says this many times a day) LOOK AT THIS FACE!!!!!!

Who in God's name would call this ugly????? Ugh he has such a bad self esteem. The morning after losing number two, he got up, checked his tooth bag, and then cried.....You see, last year around this time he lost his VERY FIRST TOOTH!!!! The tooth fairy thought this was a HUGE milestone, and that 5$ was in order for number one...Well, that damn tooth fairy was a bit strapped for cash due to her Christmas shopping for her fairy kiddos. Sooooooo, instead of getting 5$ for tooth number one, Liam got a 5$ toy. Needless to say he was STOKED!!!! Problem now is, he 1) expects 5$ every time and 2) expects a toy. I explained that you only get that much for your very first one because it's so super special. He doesn't care, to him, they are all special. Every time he loses one, he cries he wants it back. He cries that the tooth fairy takes it. Little does he know, momma has them all stashed safely away for when he loses them all....then and ONLY then will the "tooth fairy" return them. I bet by then he won't even care.....or will he???? He does have odd obsessions (that I love him for :) ) So, I kind of screwed myself with that damn 5$ toy and it seems, he will NEVER forget it! (Memory like an elephant.) So each time a tooth comes out I am reminded of yet another parenting mistake I have made! (yep I admitted it, I'm not a perfect parent, though I try very hard to be the BEST one I can be!) 
Sooo, want some free advice??? If your autie kiddo hasn't lost his/her teeth yet....when he/she does, DO NOT get excited and over pay for the first!!!!! It will come back to bite ya in the arse, every time, because our kiddos, forget NOTHING!!!! (except chores and stuff we ask of them, but hey, can ya blame them???)


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  1. My youngest was so upset when he lost his first tooth, all he wanted us to do was put it back, lol. But now he enjoys decorating an envelope for the Tooth Fairy and placing it in our mailbox before bed (if it went under the pillow, he would keep trying to put it back in his mouth). Love his picture above :) I'm a blogger too, stop by sometime....