Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Put More Than Candy in Their Easter Baskets

    Spring is coming! I know this not because of the calendar, but because one days it's seventy degrees, and the next it snows. Oh and the mud. ALL OF THE MUD! I digress. With Spring comes Easter, and I don't know about you, but I don't like filling my son's basket with candy. And frankly neither does E.B. (We're good friends, he and I.) So how about some fun, disguised as learning?

Put More Than Candy in Their Easter Baskets

    Craft City has the coolest kits that both you and your children are going to love! Karina Garcia is my new jam! Seriously, I think we could be soul sisters. (Heyyyy Karina!) Her kits are amazing, and she actually creates every kit herself! They will not only give your kids hours of fun, but in the process, they're learning. (And they're going to love it by the way!)

Slime For Days

    If you're the parent of a tween or teen, I'm willing to bet you hear A LOT about slime. As a special needs mama, we use slime as a sensory tool too, so when we saw the Craft City Make-Your-Own Slime Kit we knew we had to have it!

    Liam's bud, the UPS man brought his yesterday and within five minutes we were making slime. Glow in the dark slime to be precise. The ingredients are kid friendly and safe, so there's no worries of your eight and up kids using the ingredients. It's super easy too so with a little supervision, your children will be creating some really cool slime!

Please ignore our messy craft table! Tons of projects have left their mark here. ;)

    By following the recipes in the kit, your child will be doing hands on STEM learning. From measuring, to adding, and more. This kit is a science lesson disguised as fun! Check out Liam making his batch of glow in the dark slime.

Make-Your-Own Bath Bombs Kit

    When Liam took this kit out of the box he was grinning from ear to ear. He loves making bath bombs with me, and was even happier to have his very own kit. Geared towards kids eight and up, they can craft a few of their own bath bombs, then drop them in the tub and relax. Another STEM lesson conveniently disguised as crafty fun for kids.

Everything your son or daughter needs to create their very own bath bombs! They even included gems to hide inside the bomb.

My Child Needs These in Their Life!

    I know by now you're chomping at the bit. "Spill it Court, and tell us where we can get these!" Well you're in luck, you can head to your local Target and pick them up. While you're there, check out the Craft City Make-Your-Own Lip Kit. If you don't like being "peopley" then order them online and wait for your UPS guy or gal to deliver you and your kids some fun.

 You can check out Craft City on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube too!

Snacks on the Go are Essential to Autism Parenting

    How many times have you gone somewhere, and there was nothing there that your child would eat? I don't have enough fingers or toes to count it! Autistic kids struggle with very real food aversions and sensitivities which is why as parents, we are always packing. Snacks that is! But not just any container will work. Which is where Snack in the Box comes in.

Snacks on the Go are Essential to Autism Parenting

    Part of many food aversions is that our food can't touch. I have this particular aversion and though it annoys many, it is what it is. Am I right? For more, only a handful of foods are okay if they touch one another on a plate or in a container. My son on the other hand can not have ANY foods touch. Which is just one reason I love Precidio's Snack in the Box.

    Snack in the Box has two separate compartments for snacks. The twin chambers keep foods from touching, so kids like mine will be able to enjoy their snacks. The lid opens on each side so you can access each snack individually. The box shape and size makes it fit perfectly in any lunch box, bag, or to toss in your purse. 

Here are some more reasons to love Snack in the Box

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to take the lid off for washing
  • Made of durable Tritan™ so it will stand up to even the toughest kids
  • That same Tritan™ is also eco-friendly, because it's made with food grade polypropylene 
  • BPA, BPS, and Phthalate free
  • Fully tested for safety and durability

Don't Forget the Drinks!

    I've been a fan of Precidio's products for a couple of years now. Both of my boys love their Drink in the Box, as do I. Just like Snack in the Box, they're durable, easy to use, and my kids take drinks wherever they go. As an old school drink box kid, I love the shape, and how easily they fit into a lunch box or my tote bag. Drink in the Box features a leak proof lid with a straw. Just pop the top and sip away! I love adding fresh fruit to my box, and then spring water. It makes for the yummiest water on the go. They're available in the original eight ounce size, and now they even have a twelve ounce size. 

Coffee for Autism Parents

    Many if not most Autism parents run on coffee or tea. Caffeine is a must for most of us. Kafe in the Box is perfect for your hot or cold caffeinated beverage. Ditch the disposable cups, and grab Kafe in the Box. It's double walled to keep your drink hot or cold and protect your hands as well. Just like the others, its safe for our environment, and for you! 

We NEED These!

    I know you're thinking of how much you need Snack in the Box, Drink in the Box, or Kafe in the Box. You can order them ONLINE, or you can even find a retailer near you HERE.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

We're working hard to bring you the best products and gift ideas for Moms!
Check out our thoughts and the links below.


If you want to be added, contact me at alegionforliam@gmail.com

A Care Package Just For Women

    I had a total hysterectomy and oophorectomy a few years ago. (Best decision of my life!) However, don't count me out! I still have PMS. Yes, you read that right. While everything is gone, I still have to take Estrogen because I'm too young for menopause. So while I don't actually menstruate, I still have a week a month where my mood swings, I will cut someone if I don't get chocolate, and I feel like a turd. Enter The PMS Package. It's a monthly care package to make that week of the month easier on you, and your family. (Because let's face it, we know we lash out on the ones we love most!)

A Care Package Just for Women

    Monthly subscription boxes are taking over the world. They're wonderful and we all love them. However, The PMS Package has cornered the market on catering to women. Menstruation isn't fun, but it's a fact of life. The folks at The PMS Package, want to make it a little bit easier on us women. Each month you or the recipient you choose will feel pretty, pampered, and even more peaceful....period! (<-- see what I did there)

What's Inside?

    The essentials of course! In each box you will get some feminine products, comfort items, and snacks to appease those cravings! It varies each month, so you'll always be surprised when you open your box. I just got one yesterday and inside mine I found some tampons, cozy socks, a phone stand for laying in bed and binging your favorite show, some tasty treats, and a couple products to pamper myself with. (I'll be sharing with my sis, because why not share the love?) Also, even though I don't have periods, I still keep feminine products on hand for my sister, my son's girlfriend, and anyone that may need a pad or tampon.

How Does it Work?

   It's simple really. First choose your plan. You can get a one month, three month, six month, or yearly subscription. (The longer you choose, the more money you'll save.) Next, choose your delivery date. I know our period dates vary due to hormones and stress, but choose the date that most often coincides with the start of your menstruation. Then check out, and sit back and relax. The PMS Package may help you to actually look forward to your period. (I mean, the sooner it comes, the sooner it gets lost....at least until the next month!)

Look at all these goodies to kill the cravings!

The Perfect Gift

    Listen up husbands, boyfriends, and significant others! The PMS Package makes a perfect gift for the woman in your life. Whether it be for Mother's Day, or any day, she will appreciate the thought. She'll also love being pampered during her crappiest time of the month. So stop reading, and head to their website. (Oh, you may want to check her calendar to get an idea of when her PMS Package should be delivered.)

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Help Your Special Needs Child Fall Asleep Faster

    If you're part of the Autism community or even the special needs one in general, then you know the struggle of getting a good night's sleep. That's because getting our children to sleep is about as easy catching a fly with chopsticks. (I see you Mr. Miyagi!) Enter the Sleep Zzz Pillow. I'm so excited to tell you about this!

Help Your Special Needs Child Fall Asleep Faster

    Liam rarely sleeps. So when he finally does catch those elusive z's he does so in whatever position he was in. That means when I check on him, he's most often sitting up, or has his neck in some awkward position. It's not for lack of pillows. He has tons of them in every shape and every size. It's usually because he refuses to lay his head on one, but rather have them placed strategically around him.
     Then he got a Sleep Zzz Pillow. As soon as he saw it his first remark was, "Mama! It's a pillow that will hug me! Just like when I slept with you!"

    Liam co-slept for years. He went from in a bassinet next to me, to one in my bed, to in my bed, then to a bed in my room. He finally sleeps in the living room without one of us for most nights, but still refuses to sleep in his bedroom. Liam likes to feel cocooned so I knew the Sleep Zzz Pillow was going to be a hit.

First night we got his Sleep Zzz Pillow: Me: Liam check it out! Liam: Oohh nice! Ten minutes later thanks to Sleep Zzz and Melatonin, he was OUT!

U Shaped, its Like it Has Arms

    I love the U shape of the pillow. (Or the horseshoe shape as Liam calls it.) The center is wider for the head, and the "arms" cradle your child. Or they can lay their head on the sides too. It's very comfy, but firm enough to give them proper support.

    I'm not going to lie. I wanted to try it myself. It was with great reluctance that Liam let mama try it out. But he did, and let me tell you! BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP I'VE HAD IN MONTHS! I kid you not!

The Sleep Zzz Pillow also doubles as a FANTASTIC Crochet pillow ;)

"Mama! It Has a Pocket!"

    Okay, so not really. What he thought was a pocket is actually where the super soft case goes over the Sleep Zzz Pillow. That means it can be removed and washed. Which is a good thing because kids are walking messes and germ factories. (Admit it. You know I'm right!)

    However, square pegs like my son (and actually myself,) think the opening makes for a great pocket. And so he stuffed his iPod and headphones in there. Whatever floats his boat!

We Love the Sleep Zzz Pillow

    Liam and I are both in love with his Sleep Zzz Pillow. I adore it so much, that I put one on my birthday wish list. (Hint hint husband!!) We know you will love it too, so head to their website, and check them out! They come in both child and adult sizes, and with different colored cases, so you're sure to find one that you'll love.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Creative Play with Your Building Bricks

    If you're a parent, you know that play is a cornerstone of development in our children's lives. It's how they learn and expand their skills. Give them the tools to create and play, and foster their imagination for a lifetime! In the spirit of this, I have to tell you about some AMAZING books Liam and I recently discovered!

Creative Play with Your Building Bricks

    Sofie and Nate have the coolest activity books to encourage your kids to create more with their building bricks. I instantly fell in love with that idea, because here's what happens in my house. Liam gets a set, we build it, and then in a few months, he takes it apart, and all the pieces go in a tote. Usually he loses the directions, and then just has loose bricks. Liam then struggles with what to build. Enter the activity books from Sofie and Nate. 

"Look mom! Stuff I can build by myself!"

    If you've ever gotten building brick kits, you know that some of those are very hard to build. Some kids with special needs and fine motor skill issues struggle to build such intricate designs. Which is another reason I love these activity books so much.

    Each page shows your child what bricks they need, the color, and how many of each piece. Right there teaches your child simple math and colors. Then it shows them step by step with pictures on where to place the bricks. The designs are simple, yet so much fun!

These books promote:

  • fine motor skills
  • problem solving
  • colors
  • shapes
  • counting
  • written numbers
  • following simple directions

PETS Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas

    We got the PETS book yesterday and Liam couldn't wait to start building. He quickly set to work sorting all of his bricks. Sofie and Nate also have Farm Animals, Zoo Animals, and Fruits and Vegetables activity books. If you have a child that loves to pretend cook, then the fruit and veggie book would be perfect for them! 

Not Just for the Home

    These activity books would be an amazing addition to any home. But more than that, I think they'd also be a fantastic addition to schools, and therapy rooms. Occupational therapy was huge with my son when he was younger, and they used to do fun stuff like this with him. Sofie and Nate Activity Books will not only keeps kids and patients engaged, but happy and learning because they're having fun!

Don't just take our word for it, head to Sofie and Nate, and order some of their activity books. Your kids will thank you! (Think Easter basket fun for this Spring!)

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Friday, February 16, 2018

He Thinks He's Ready, But He's Not

    As Liam gets older, I hold more about our personal lives back. We want to continue to educate people and raise awareness, but if he doesn't want to share certain aspects, I don't. Purely out of respect for the young man he's becoming.

    However today, I felt that searing pain, that we as Autism Parents, (or just special needs parents in general,) often feel. You know that ache that comes along when your child's peers are ready for "bigger" things, while your son or daughter isn't?

He Thinks He's Ready, But He's Not

    I learned early on not to compare my son's milestones to other kids his age. It wasn't worth the heart ache. We know our kids will get there when they get there, and we'll be right there waiting to cheer. So that part doesn't bother me. 

    Today however did. Because suddenly, my son became fully aware that while his peers are ready for some things, he isn't. And it ripped through his heart like a dull knife. Watching him process it washed over me like a tidal wave, leaving me wracked with pain. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I went into the bathroom to cry.

Let Me Set the Scene

    Our area schools give off Friday and Monday for President's Day, so I too give Liam the day off. This morning he had a play date here with two of his autistic friends. It went great. Afterwards, when we were heading out to my sister's, an old friend of Liam's stopped by.

    He moved away with his mom, but is here for the weekend with his gram. This boy came over to invite Liam to the skating rink with him!! Sounds amazing right?

It Wasn't....

    Like most tween kids in our area, their parents drive them to the roller rink, drop them off, and come back at 10 pm to pick them up. (Hey my parents did the same with us when we were that age. However, I also had an older sister there to watch over me.)

   So while this boy had the most wonderful intentions, and because he doesn't see Liam as "different," he invited him to go. But he can't....

For Many Reasons

    Liam isn't emotionally mature enough to be away from adult supervision for a period of time. While there are adults there, they aren't always watching, because lets face it, that rink is packed. I've seen older kids there picking on younger ones, and while I stepped in, what if there isn't anyone there when it happens to Liam?

    My son also notices that he doesn't fit in. It's because of this, that he will go out of his way to do so. Liam will do anything to get the approval of his peers. He doesn't think, he just acts. Which often has some pretty crappy repercussions.

    There will be girls. The other boys his age are into girls. Liam isn't there yet emotionally. So if his friends skate off with a girl, and leave him alone, he won't know what to do. His anxiety will set in, and he will panic. 

Saying it isn't easy....hearing it is harder.... 

    Paddy and I sat him down and spoke with him about it. Liam put his head down, and admitted that it probably wasn't a good idea. But like most kids his age, he still wanted to go.

So we gave suggestions....

"We could go with you, and hang out in the game room!"


"We could go, but wait outside in the car!"


My hubby even spoke with our eldest Bran. (He's twenty one.) He offered to go.

"Bubby said he'll go with you!"

"NO! No one else will have an adult with them!"

    He was adamant that he didn't want his parents there, "like a baby." So we told him he could try it. We would give him my cell and he could try.... (and I was panicking inside as saw two more worry lines appear on his father's face....)

He broke down sobbing....because it donned on him, that he isn't in fact, ready....

    After about half an hour of rocking and sobbing, he told me he wasn't ready. My boy went on to say that even though he "wants to go so bad, other kids can be mean there." And so he "couldn't go." 

   As adults, it's hard for us to admit when our children can't do something. Imagine being a child and having to process that truth? It hurts. While I know that "A" had only the best intentions, and while I am super thankful that he not only THOUGHT of my son, but wanted to include him as well, I almost wish he hadn't....

I wish that for at least one more day, my son didn't have to feel that pain. The pain of watching your friends grow up, and knowing you're just not ready.....

Friday Fun for Family Game Night

    In our house Friday is Family Game Night. (We also have other game nights, like if we visit my parents or something, but Friday is ALWAYS game night!) Recently we got a bunch of fun new games from Goliath Games. We want to share them with you and hope you'll join in on the fun, and our Friday Family Game Nights.

Friday Fun for Family Game Night

    Goliath Games sent us four new games, and my son was so excited. When FedEx dropped off a giant box he was flapping for all he was worth! He opened the box and screeched because he saw what was inside. Waiting for him was Pop the Pig, Giggle Wiggle, Jumping Jack, and Build or Boom. Let's break each one down, because they're all amazing!

Jumping Jack is Perfect for Easter or Any Time!

    When Liam first saw Jumping Jack he said, "Look mom! An Easter Bunny game!" This game is adorable. Basically it's a little bunny that could hop off at any time! Each player gets a basket, and you put all of the carrots in the base. On their turn, the player spins, then removes the number of carrots as directed on the spinner. But beware, Jack is waiting to hop off and make your kids giggle! Here's Jumping Jack in action:

(Their reactions were so cute and funny, that I compiled a bunch of them to share. They played Jumping Jack for about an hour, and I could have kept going with the giggles I recorded!)

Pop the Pig

    One of Liam's BFF's big O came up to try out these new Goliath Games. Pop the Pig was his choice to play because he has it at his grandma's. The kids really enjoyed seeing how my the pig could "eat." This one is perfect for kids about four and up. It helps to teach them numbers and counting. As a mom, I love how all of the game pieces fit right inside the pig for easy storage. It also helps minimize the chance of them getting lost. Let's take a look at the boys stuffing the piggy!

Giggle Wiggle

    Okay, so this game is adorable. But more importantly, as a special needs mom, I think it's amazing at working those fine motor skills. If you have a child that struggle with their motor skills, then Giggle Wiggle will be a great addition to your home. (If you work as a therapist then it would be a great tool for your clinic too!) 

     Each player gets a set of marbles and chooses one area of arms to use. You turn on the worm, and the kids have to race to be the first to get all of their colored marbles onto their set of arms. But beware, the worm spins and wiggles! If your marble falls off, you have to pick it up and put it back on. Kids have a blast, and I loved knowing my son was working on his fine motor skills. Let's see it in action:

Build or Boom

    This STEM game helps build analytical thinking and shape recognition. Kids will have fun playing, but you'll feel good knowing their working on expanding much needed skills. 

    The boss is looking for the best and fastest builder. Builders compete by following the blueprint and creating the building. But be careful! When the boom goes off, will your building collapse, or hold up?

Here's a video of Build or Boom in action from Goliath Games:

Grab Some Games, and Join Us for Friday Family Game Night

    These just a few of the fantastic games that you'll find at Goliath Games. They have games for kids and families alike. So head to their website, grab some games, and take part in our tradition of Friday Family Game Night. It's a great way to bond as a family, and have fun, while leaving the stressors or life behind for a bit.

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A Shot of Natural Moisture for Your Lips

     This is the time of year that my skin is the driest. We're at the tail end of Winter and its wreaking havoc on me! I just got some BALMSHOT for my lips, and I'm in love! You guys have to try this!

A Shot of Natural Moisture for Your Lips

    BALMSHOT is the only lip balm on the market that comes in an actual shotgun shell. But don't worry, it's loaded with lip balm, not buckshot! The design is not only appealing, but it also keeps the balm from twisting in your pocket or purse and making a nasty mess.

    Okay, so I'm going to be honest here. BALMSHOT caught my eye because it's lip balm in a shotgun shell. How cool is that? I knew my son and husband would love the presentation of it too. (As well as my sister and her hubby!) As a family of hunters, these lip balms are perfect for us.

    Then I read the ingredients. First of all, I can pronounce them. Secondly, their all natural and safe for your entire family. Made from Beeswax, they're also 15 SPF so they'll protect your lips from the damaging rays of the sun. (This is important for me, because my husband has already had one run in with pesky skin cancer.)

    BALMSHOT even comes in an Organic option. Their Organic Pomegranate is USDA Certified Organic. It smells amazing, and happens to be my husband's favorite. 

Great for the Entire Family

    My entire family loves BALMSHOT. It comes in six flavors, and everyone eagerly claimed one for themselves. I took Raspberry, and my husband took the organic pomegranate. My son Liam chose the Classic one, because "it has a bear on it!" My brother in law called dibs on the Cool Mint one because he loves the ducks on it, and my sister claimed the vanilla mint with the pheasants. (They actually raise ducks, chickens, and pheasants on their farm.) 

    I also got another Vanilla Mint one in Pink Camo with deer on it. I gave this one to a very close family friend that has been battling breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds of their "pink" products actually goes to Mountain States Tumor Institute to help with mammograms and other Breast Cancer screenings.

I Need This! Tell Me Where I Can Get Some!

    To get your hands on some BALMSHOT lip balm, or some of their MINTYSHOT breath spray, then head to their website

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Spring Clean Your Mouth With Ease

    Spring is right around the corner, which means that spring cleaning is too. As an autism mom, I know my son's mouth isn't as clean as Id like it to be, or even as it should be. That is until I discovered these nifty new toothbrushes.

Spring Clean Your Mouth With Ease

  So many of our kids struggle with brushing their teeth. The feel of the brushes, the taste of the toothpaste, and more, can all be sensory triggers. This means that when we can get them to brush those teeth, it has to be done thoroughly. The Care + Me three sided toothbrushes are designed to get the entire tooth and gum in one pass, which means a deeper clean for your kids teeth, in a shorter amount of time.

The Care + Me three sided toothbrush is clinically proven to be safe and effective. This brush will remove plaque right at the gum line so teeth and gums are healthy!You can even adjust the bristles with warm or cold water! They're specifically geared towards autistics and those with special needs.

  • Is the best choice for those who are overly sensitive.
  • It has soft, flexible and gentle bristles which enables your children to brush their teeth in a more comfortable way.
  • This Toothbrush surrounds all 3 sides of the teeth at once, shortens tooth-brushing time
  • It gives efficient dental care.

What Liam Thinks

  I'm not going to lie, getting Liam to brush his teeth could be compared to getting a wild lion to let you snuggle it. It's dangerous, and even if it does happen, the outcome could be dicey. He does get cleanings every 4 months, and per his dentist, if he can at least brush WITHOUT toothpaste, then that is good enough. (His dentist gets it because his niece is on the spectrum too.)

    So imagine my happiness when I found a toothbrush that would work so well, with or without the use of paste. (We have only found ONE kind of toothpaste he can tolerate and even then it's only once in awhile because he gags.)

    I contacted Bright Autism about their three sided brushes, and they sent two right out to my Beans. I was so excited to see his reaction. When they came he was instantly intrigued by the bristles. He kept running them over his fingers so I knew that he liked the feel of them. Which meant getting him to use it would be easier.

And It Was!

    He was eager to try them out and has been successfully brushing his teeth (sans toothpaste) twice a day. This is huge! Getting him to brush once a day was a rarity, so twice a day just blows me away.

Bright Autism Has So Much More

    Not only does Bright Autism have the Care + Me Three Sided Toothbrush, but they have a full selection of other autism products. From sensory toys, to developmental toys, and even jewelry. Don't take my word for it, head to their website and check out Bright Autism.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Send Them Some Love and a Wish

Okay, so Valentine's Day is tomorrow, but my son wanted to open his wish early. Which is good, because I want to share it with all of you.

Send Them Some Love and a Wish

    I recently connected with A Wish for You and fell in love with their ideas and the gifts they offer. Basically, you chose an item and a beautiful hand quilled card, tell them what you want it to say, and they send it to someone you love! How awesome is that? Since I firmly believe that we should celebrate our loved ones every day, these gifts aren't just perfect for Valentine's Day, but for every day!

How it Works

     It's super easy to let someone know you're thinking of them. All you do is head to A Wish for You, select the memento you want to send. There are quite a few to choose from, and all of them will let that special someone know you love them, each and every day. Next, choose your card, and what you want it to say. Then sit back and relax as A Wish for You sends your love across the miles, or even right next door!

Liam Adores His Heart

    I chose the Crystal Heart Dangle for Liam. First and foremost, I chose it because his worry crystal has seen better days, and after years of rubbing and worry, it broke. (It wasn't very thick.) So I chose the Crystal Heart for him to replace his worry crystal. The other reason I picked this memento was because I knew he'd enjoy looking through it and watching light refract from it. For him, this crystal fulfills a mental health need, as well as two forms of sensory input (tactile, and visual.)

    Liam loves it! He's been carrying it with him since he received it, and showing everyone he has seen. The card it came with is beautiful, and he keeps rubbing his fingers over the quilling. So to say his wish was a huge hit is an understatement. I'd say it was the best gift he's gotten in awhile!

Learn More

    I know by now, you're ready to check out all of the mementos A Wish for You has to offer, (if you haven't already.) So head to their website, and start browsing. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Staycation Autism Style

     We're sick of winter! Feeling cooped up because of sub zero temps is getting old. So we decided to take a little staycation.

Staycation Autism Style

    As autism parents, we know autism doesn't take a vacation. But that's okay. We're accustomed to this lifestyle. However, if you're looking to break up the monotony of the mundane parts of life that we do have control over, then I suggest a staycation.

    Choose a family friendly hotel not far from home, prepare your kiddo, pack some bags and get ready to relax. Well kind of....because we know our kids are always go, go, go!

Best Western Fun

     We chose the Best Western Grand Victorian Inn in Sayre Pa. We've stayed there before for mini staycations and we know it's a great place for families.

    First and foremost the rooms are spotless. I'm picky when it comes to a hotel room, but my autie has worse OCD than I do, so he's even more picky. Liam even went so far as to combing the room with a black light. (I kid you not!) And he gives their rooms "two thumbs up!" Our housekeeper Tammie certainly rocks at her job!

Shout out to Tammie! You rock!!

    Also, let me add that the rooms are virtually sound proof. You can NOT hear your neighbors which is great for two reasons. One being our kids tend to be very loud and not get "inside voice." The other being when they need a sensory escape, the room is quiet so they can chill.

Pick One with a Pool

    Autistics are drawn to water. It calls to us and soothes us in ways that not many other things can. So when we're choosing a place to stay, a pool is a must. The Best Western we chose happens to have an indoor, heated pool, which is necessary in frigid Northeastern Pa. 

As you can see, a lot of time was spent in the pool! Even some toys came along for their autism line up.

    Bonus, it even has a jacuzzi! Holy relaxation! Play in the pool, then chill in the jacuzzi. Repeat. All day! It was just what we needed to spice up the mundane days of winter!

Free Breakfast? Yes please!

    The Best Western Grand Victorian (and all of their other hotels,) offer a free breakfast buffet. Autistics are prone to picky eating, but their buffet has so many options, that it isn't a problem. I wish I had thought to get some pictures, but Liam's plates (more than one because food doesn't touch,) were full! He chose two mini boxes of cereal (they had many of his favorites,) a cinnamon doughnut, and even a "sour" (granny smith) apple.

    I had a Belgian waffle I made myself with some yummy toppings, it was amazing! Even my picky hubby had a large plate of fluffy scrambled eggs, sausage and an English muffin. That wasn't even all of the food they had to offer!

image via Trip Advisor

Good TV's (per Liam)

    Liam goes nowhere without his Xbox One. Thankfully The Best Western has "good tv's." He knew he could take his precious gaming system and actually be able to use it. Plus, it gave us a little break when our skin couldn't possibly prune up any more from the pool and hot tub! (Liam insisted I let you all know about how great their tv's are!)

Friendly Staff

    The staff was fantastic as well. They were so friendly and welcoming. Always smiling when we would pass them at the front desk, pool desk, or in the halls. This was huge for me. It seems that lately so many people are miserable which is a real downer. I loved being surrounded by others that were in a happy mood!

Thank You Best Western!

    We had a great time, and even though we rushed home to avoid winter storm Liam, we are more relaxed and rejuvenated. So what are YOU waiting for? Take a staycation! Just be prepared to spend a lot of time in the pool! :)